UPI now,
pay later.

It's pretty damn straightforward - Bullet saves you time; mostly because it takes about one tap to pay for things. Experience super fast UPI payments for your daily shopping and more...

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How Bullet works?

Bullet works on UPI technology. Based on your credit score fetched from Credit Bureau and other alternate data sources we give you credit limit for your Bullet transactions. You can repay on 5th and 20th of every month. No more crowding your bank statement with tons of UPI transactions. Neat huh?


Easy onboarding

Based on your mobile number and PAN Card details, we onboard you with a credit limit for your UPI payments. Your credit limit is based on credit score from Credit Bureau and other data sources.

Scan and Pay

Scan and pay with Bullet

Arguably, the first payment app which directly opens the camera for you to scan QR code and pay. Simply scan and make the payment without M-PIN.

Pay one-shot

Pay in 15 days

We have a 15 day billing cycle. Scan to keep making payments at your favorite merchants. Clear your credit in one-shot with another UPI app you prefer- fast as a bullet.

Frequently asked questions

Bullet UPI is an app that provides credit over UPI, with no extra charges. You can use this credit to pay any online or offline merchant that accepts UPI payments. Then, you pay your Bullet bill twice a month- on the 1st and the 16th. This way your bank statements aren't cluttered and you get access to lightning-fast payments.

You can use the Bullet app to pay any merchant that accepts UPI. Here's how:
Offline: Scan and pay with Bullet, when you checkout at offline retailers
Online: Shop online with your Bullet UPI credit
Pay bills: You can pay bills or make any other merchant payments with Bullet

Bullet is a free app. There are no charges (including interest rates), as long as you settle your Bullet bill before the due date.

You get a Bullet bill twice a month- on the 1st and the 16th. You can find all your bills on the Bullet app in the 'Account settings' section.

You can settle your Bullet bill from on the app using any UPI IDs that's connected to your bank account. You can tap 'Settle' on the homepage and then:
Pick any UPI app on your device, and complete the payment through that app.
Enter the UPI ID manually and finish the payment on that UPI app.

You'll have to settle your Bullet bill twice a month- on the 1st and the 16th.
However, we allow a grace period of 5 days from the due date, post which we charge a late payment fee of Rs 10 per day.